About See Jane Smile

I created this business for people-pleasers, codependents ­— even assertive women like me, who say we’re not afraid to speak up, but often hold back when the emotional stakes are high.


For four years prior to her cancer diagnosis, Mom nursed my father, a kidney transplant survivor. Like many care-takers, she placed her needs on the back burner. She hated confrontation, so she vented to friends instead of talking it out with Dad. The thing about venting to friends, though, is that they often hold grudges long after you’ve gotten over it.

When some of these friends learned Mom was sick, they were resentful on her behalf, and shared with me secrets about my parents’ marriage that placed Dad in a bad light. I was hurt; my dad was devastated. And like a single “skipping stone” prancing across a river, the resentment just kept moving.

Time has healed most of the relationships. But I’ve experienced how resentment can damage people and relationships far down the line.

This product is as much about emotional self-care as it is female empowerment. It is more about speaking up to release resentment, than convincing others to change. That said, if this product restores relationships, that will be the icing on the cake.


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